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Warm smoked oysters

A short spell in the smokehouse and your oysters will take on another dimension.

Heating oysters was long considered to be a sacrilege. Some talented chefs have found the means to sublimate the oyster with light cooking but for most, oysters are eaten raw with a drop of lemon or vinegar with shallots. I am one of those! However, I would like to tickle your taste buds with my smoked oysters.

Choose fleshy oysters. I prefer ones from Normandy, but this is not essential.
Clean and brush the shells, open the oysters and throw away the water to eliminate pieces of shell.
Place the oysters flat on a tray on a little hill of salt or a ball of tin foil.
What is essential is that the water that will form remains in the shell. Your oysters should not become dry.

Prepare a good amount of embers. They should be bright red when you blow on them and become white when you stop.
Place your embers in the drawer to preheat the smokehouse. There is no need to aim for high temperatures
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