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About us

At our source:

a family hardware shop that opened in 1921 (4 generations)

Our mind set:

the same as the one that guided our founders: the satisfaction of a job well done when you find something with us that you couldn’t find anywhere else: a tool that you thought had disappeared, a new article or some good advice.

Our customers:

are all people who are passionate about food preservation and processing; people like you, whether they are private individuals or professionals, novices or experts, from France, Belgium, Switzerland or located in Vanuatu.

Our products:

a selection of materials designed to preserve, heat, process and cook vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, oil seeds or cereals. The range is wide so that you can find the tools that are adapted to your production.

Our desire:

to continue to assist you in carrying out your food processing projects successfully by sharing our passion with you, and exchanging little tips and lots of expertise.

Our team

François Louberssac - Manager – General Services – Human Resources - Tom Press


François Louberssac



Bernard Pierson
Sales and Customer Relations Department

Marie-lise P.
Danièle A.
Thierry G.
Véronique D.

Virginie S.
Célia S.

Stéphane F.


Joëlle Salvignol
Dispatch and Warehouse Department

Michel A.
Florian M.
Romain G.
Pierre D.

Micaël Diancoff - Service Achats et Exploitation - Tom Press


Micaël Diancoff
Purchasing and Web Department

Hélène Z.
Andy N.
Maxime F.


Fabrice Kopf - Service Comptabilité et Facturation - Tom Press


Fabrice Kopf
Accounts and Billing Department

Claire C.