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First visit: How to find your way around

1. Home page

When you type the address of the Tom Press site (, you land on our home page. You will find a bar that gives the main families of products and this bar will follow you throughout your visit to the site.
Below you will find a static band that presents two other families of products and a short cut to place an order rapidly if you have a paper version of our catalogue.
In the band underneath you will find the four main families of products with a photo to illustrate them.

Home page


2. Advanced search

  This feature is located in the upper right of the bar with the main families of products. It allows you to directly display the articles that correspond to the product you are looking for. Simply type the name into the box and you will directly access the page for this product.
For example: type "press" and all the presses we sell will be displayed.

Advanced search


3. Express order using your catalogue

This feature is located on the home page in the centre to the right in a static band. It allows you to enter the exact reference of a product featured in the Tom Press catalogue and to display the article in question.
For example: type "EXTINOXE", and the corresponding steam juicer will be displayed.

> Commander

Express order


4. The paper catalogue

Each year, Tom Press publishes a general catalogue and a free �The Best of Tom Press� selection.
The general catalogue costs �5 which is refunded when you place your first order. �The Best of Tom Press� is free.
To receive them, simply fill out the fields to this effect.

> See the catalogue


5. Products


Located in the upper band, this section presents the different families of products on offer at Tom Press. These families are divided into sections that can be accessed through a drop-down menu.
ex. : In the "Garden" section, the menu drops down and a list of product categories appears, such as "Breeding" or "Gardening tools".


6. My basket

Mon panier

This can be found in the upper right of the page. It shows a recap of the items you have chosen with a view to placing an order.


7. Newsletter

At the bottom, under our commitments, this feature allows you to subscribe free of charge to the Tom Press Newsletter. All you have to do is leave us your email address.


8. "Tom Press at your service!"

This section gives you access to the main services provided and general information about Tom Press and how it works.

At your service!


9. Product details

Fiche produit

Each item is presented in its own frame that contains all the information about it: name, reference, description, price in euros inclusive of taxes and weight.
You can access a product information sheet by clicking on the photo of the item or in the frame around the item that is presented in the list of results of your search..
For any order, you can add the desired item directly to your shopping basket by clicking on the button Add to basket".


10. General conditions of sale

Do not forget to read this section before you place an order! The link is at the bottom of the page.

> See General Conditions of sale


11. Confirming your order

Once you have chosen all the items you want, validate your order by going to �My Shopping Basket� and clicking �Order� to confirm your order.
At this stage of the order, identify yourself by completing a form in which you give us your address to allow us to deliver to you (name, first name, address, etc.), or by creating an account if you like.
Your order is fully validated once you receive an order reference number to your e-mail address.


12. Remarks and suggestions

If you have any remarks or suggestions about your browsing experience on the site, please write to us at:
Enjoy your visit!