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Delivery costs

Delivery costs are calculated in relation to the weight of your order and your delivery address.


Prices are shown in euros duty free.


Dispatch times are generally within 24 hours (except on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) further to receipt of full payment and subject to availability of stocks. Your package can be delivered to the address of your choosing, given at the time your order is placed. If the address is difficult to access, this must be mentioned at the time of ordering so that the transport company can be informed. This may result in a refusal to deliver or a delivery surcharge.
In case of absence, you will receive a notice of non-delivery.

Choosing my delivery address

If you are often out or if you want to send a gift, give a different delivery address of your choosing at the time of ordering (relations, neighbours, friends, workplace...).

Receiving my package

When you receive your package, you must check the condition of the goods and make a note of any eventual anomalies on the delivery docket before you sign for them (anomalies that are happily very rare!). Please note that despite the care taken by our service providers, accidents can sometimes happen.
If this is the case, should a package arrive in poor condition or if it is incomplete, specify this (name of product, quantity, condition) and the anomalies (ex.: oil leak, damaged container) on the delivery docket or refuse the package and contact us rapidly on +33 563 71 32 94. The Tom Press team will swiftly handle your request in the best possible circumstances. Note: written reservations such as "subject to unpacking� or �subject to verification� are not accepted by insurance companies.
You should confirm your refusal and your reservations with our transport company by registered post with 3 days following the delivery.
If the transport company representative refuses to wait while you unpack the product, specify this on the delivery docket: �the delivery man refused to wait while I unpacked the product". The absence of written reservations on the delivery docket implies correct delivery of the products.