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Stainless steel multi-purpose TomPress meat and fish smokehouse

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Meat and fish smokehouse in stainless steel, rectangular model measuring 48.5x29x88.5 cm. Multi-purpose model.

Reference : fumtpi88
Rectangular multi-purpose smokehouse entirely made of stainless steel measuring 48.5x29x88.5 cm. Smoke various fish (trout, salmon, eel…) and cold meats, even big hams.

The smoking can be hot or cold.
The hot smoking allows you to smoke (for taste) while cooking smoked foods. It is carried out by ""pre-heating"" your smokehouse to make embers, then by adding sawdust in the same way as cold smoking.
The cold smoking (for taste and conservation purposes) is carried out by limiting the rise in temperature as much as possible. Traditionally, the embers that were used to light the sawdust are removed as soon as the sawdust has been consumed. Cold smoking is facilitated using this model because it is possible to remove the drawer containing the sawdust from the smokehouse and to connect it using the optional cold smoking accessory that sends the combustion away and only brings the smoke through the metallic connection.

The interior working dimensions of the smokehouse are 45.5 cm in width, 28.5 cm in depth and 69 to 80 cm in height (the height is increased when the sawdust drawer is taken out with the cold smoking accessory).

Small products such as duck magrets and herring can be smoked flat on the 3 stainless steel grills included.
Larger pieces to be smoked such as hams, sausages or salmon can be suspended using the hooks that are included.

Stainless steel ember drawer.
Sliding front door.
Adjustable smoke hatch.
Full set including:
- three stainless steel grills for flat smoking (magrets, small fish…),
- 10 S-shaped hooks measuring 6 cm,
- a 1 kg bag of sawdust.
- assembly instructions included.

Tom Press has reintroduced the smokehouse to a wide public in France by designing its own models since 2004.
This followed on from the book ""Fumage et fumaisons - techniques et recettes"" (Curing & smoking - techniques and recipes) in which Tom Press shares curing know-how, knowledge and practice. This affordable, multi-purpose and practical smokehouse was designed in association with the best industries.
Its manufacture in stainless steel offers mong life, the enlarged sawdust drawer offers better smoking autonomy and the cold smoking accessory means that you will cure successfully. The grills can be placed at different levels and the hoods are supplied to allow you to smoke fish, meat and cold meats flat or suspended.
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Guarantee: 60 months
Main material stainless steel
Colour stainless steel
Length 48,5 cm
Width 29 cm
Height 88,5 cm
Other dimensions Working height: 69 to 80 cm
Net weight 15,5 kg

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