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Courgette jam by Karine

How to make good courgette jam. Original, delicate and full of flavour, courgette jams can be used as chutney in sweet and savoury dishes.

The texture is pleasant and creamy. The first impression might lead you to think of a well-set watermelon jam.
The scent is discreet. Then the watermelon taste disappears and leaves behind flavours that are just as subtle but so much deeper...

For 1 kg of courgettes
200 g of granulated sugar
100 g of rapadura sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
the juice of half a lemon

How to proceed
Thinly peel your courgettes. The flavours are most concentrated near the skin.
Remove the seeds and cut into small cubes.
Leave overnight in a stainless steel basin containing the sugar and rapadura covered with a cloth.
Overnight, the water is extracted from the courgettes and you can reduce and cook them over a hot flame, stirring regularly to avoid the caramelisation process.
When your jam has begun to thicken, check the cooking time using the cold plate test.
Pour into jars and turn them upside down while the jam cools without moving the jars.
Add a pretty label and you´re done.

Karine´s secret tip: a pinch of salt
If you plan to use your courgette jam in a sweet/savoury way, you can add a little infusion of thyme or a few drops of essential basil oil.
Even on bread, in yoghurts or fromage frais, remember to add a pinch of salt. You won´t need much. The goal is not to add a salty taste but simply to enhance the flavours.
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