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Confectioner's thermometer for jam

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Confectioner's thermometer, from + 80 ° to + 200 ° C. under sheath. To successfully cook your jams and marmalades.

Reference : theconfi
Confectioner's thermometer for jam and baking sugar.
It measures the cooking temperature for jams and highly sweetened preparations.
Calibrated from + 80 ° to + 200 ° C, accuracy at 1 ° C.
Sheath thermometer sterilizable plastic food, large size (35 cm), suspension hook.
Equipped with a sliding hook to hang on the edge of the container and adjust the diving height.
Lower part to immerse 7 cm.
Without mercury.
French made.  
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Guarantee: 24 months
Main material glass
Other material plastic
Colour gris
Fabriqué en France
Length 35 cm
Net weight 70 g.

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