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Reber electric n° 3 tomato machine and fruit press

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REBER electric tomato machine and fruit press 400 watts, 70/150 kg of tomatoes per hour.

Reference : pto3elii
Tomato machine and fruit press endowed with an electric single phase induction motor and continuous service. Power: 400 watts.
The box for the on/off switch and capacitor as well as the fan are in self-extinguishing plastic.
Axial oil bath gear unit.
Perforated cone, hopper, collection tray and splash-guard in stainless steel.
Worm screw in highly resistant and easy to clean acetal resin.
Cast iron body.

With this n°3 Reber electric tomato strainer, you can press 70 to 150 kg of tomatoes per hour to make your sauces, coulis and tomata, and you can also pass red berries (blackcurrants, raspberries, blackberries, rose hip, grape, redcurrants…) to remove skin and pips in order to make jams and coulis.
Once cooked, you can also press hard-skinned fruit to make soups and stewed fruit with apples, pears, melons, quinces…
For small fruit with a high proportion of pips (blackcurrants, redcurrants, rose hips), be careful not to fill the hopper but to add the fruit slowly to the strainer in order to avoid blockages in the worm screw.

Using this tomato strainer, you can work continuously to obtain impeccable results.

Many optional accessories are available for the electric tomato strainer, such as cones with different sized holes and interchangeable accessories that can be mounted to the motor like a pasta die, a n° 5 meat grinder or a parmesan and dried fruit grater.
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Guarantee: 60 months
Power (W) 400
Voltage (V) 220
Frequency (Hz) 50
Rotation (Revs/min) 120
Colour grey
Yield (Kg/h) 110
Length 46 cm
Width 22 cm
Height 42 cm
Net weight 8,75 kg

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