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All you need to know about tomato presses

The ideal tool to separate the pulp and juice from pips and skins.

The seed or tomato press is used as soon as you need to separate the pulp and juice from the seeds and skins. Simple and easy to use, the range is available from manual models dedicated to tomatoes to versatile electric models. Tom Press has gathered tips, advice and guides on the tomato press.   

The seed drill, the magic tool for grouts If you have several kilograms of tomatoes or fruit to turn into coulis, so go for the seed drill !   

How does a seedling also known as "tomato press" work? Discover how works a tomato press to make coulis, purees, creams ...   

How to choose a seed drill? Electric or manual model, here is a short guide to choose your seed drill .  

How to make and make tomato sauces and sauces Making homemade tomato sauces and sauces makes it possible to keep tomatoes very quickly, here how to make and succeed its sauces and sauces.   

Vanessa Tomato Slice Recipe A homemade coulis recipe to enjoy: tomata of Vanessa.   

How to make homemade tomato and pepper coulis? Tom Press offers a recipe for tomato coulis and peppers to be made at home .   

How to make chestnut cream The seedling can help you even with chestnuts, find out how to make brown cream with a seed drill.   

Tomato: an easy star to keep Easy to grow and popular, the tomato is easy to keep. The seedling will allow you to get his juice and pulp quickly.

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