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How to clean your meat pusher?

Here's how to easily and effectively clean your manual meat pusher .

Dismantling the Cylinder Whether your manual meat pusher is a horizontal model or a vertical model, the process remains the same. The first step is to disassemble the cylinder on which the clamping ring and the funnel are located.  

By unscrewing the clamping ring, you release the funnel and access these two parts easily to clean them.  

These 3 elements (cylinder or tank, ring and funnel) are simply cleaned with dishwashing liquid. After rinsing, you will need to dry these elements meticulously, especially the ring and the cylinder to prevent them from rusting.     

Disassembly of the frame The second step of the cleaning will be the frame of the pusher that must not be wet with water. For cleaning, plan a cloth or a soft sponge that you moisten and on which you can add one or two drops of dishwashing in case of tasks. Rinse your sponge or cloth and use it for rinsing the frame.  

Bring another cloth or rag to dry the entire frame.    

That's it, your pusher is clean!    

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