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Electric sterilisers: the advantages

How to make your preserves in jars in the simplest and easiest way, and what you can do with an electric steriliser.

A steriliser is nothing more than a big electric saucepan. Programme the desired temperature and the cooking time and the rest will happen by itself. As soon as the temperature you programme is reached, the time sets to work. You can walk away as there is no need to keep watch. If you make preserves in jars or even tins, you can be sure that the sterilisation time will be respected. The idea is to make preserves, not to watch over the sterilisation! You can also note among the advantages that you no longer have to worry about bottles of gas, burners or other instruments and you can use your steriliser indoors, even in an enclosed space.

A steriliser... and more

Do you want to keep your mulled wine or coffee warm? Do you want to make a tomato coulis, a soup or a stew? Do you want to make yoghurts in large quantities or to extract juice* using steam?
With a 29 litre saucepan, you will have everything you need. All that remains is to choose the material: stainless steel or enamelled steel. Everyone has their own preference. Those who work with fruit juice or who want to have the advantages of a casserole dish will generally choose enamel. Those who make preserves will prefer stainless steel. Whatever the case, the two materials are neutral and can withstand acidic foods.

* To turn your steriliser into a juicer, there is an accessory that is available separately.

Note: Sterilisers in plastic materials are shock resistant and they do not damage jars, but they cannot be used to cook.
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