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Digital enamelled Tom Press steriliser with a tap - small model - 16 litres

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Digital enamelled electric steriliser - 27 litres - with pouring tap and timer - 1,800W. Up to fourteen 1 litre jars. Ideal for pasteurising juice or keeping beverages hot.

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Enamelled electric steriliser - 27 litres - 1,800 W - with a tap and timer and digital control panel.
The double layer of enamel is resistant to acidity. You can pasteurise up to 25 litres of juice and bottle it directly or keep a hot liquid at a consistent temperature.
120 minute timer (2 hours) adjustable using the digital panel as well as the temperature of the water.
Comes with a plastic lid and support grid for the jars.
French thermostat - German manufacture.

This preserve jar steriliser can also sterilise in a standard way up to fourteen 1 litre jars (max diameter 115 mm). Comes with a supporting grid for jars and cable storage.

Capacity in jars:
- fourteen 1 litre (WECK)
- twenty-one 0.5 litre (WECK)
- seven 1,500g. (Familia Wiss)
- seven 1.5 litres (Le Parfait)
- twelve 750 g. (Le Parfait) + two 500 gr (Le Parfait)
- fourteen 350 g. (Le Parfait)
- six 2 litres (Le Parfait) + one 1.5 l.
- thirty-three 200 g. (Le Parfait).

To avoid breakages among the jars, in particularly when there is a lot of space between them, stuff rags between the jars or wrap each one in a tea towel.
Your preserves are well protected from each other and the bubbling water.
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Guarantee: 60 months
Power (W) 1 800
Voltage (V) 220
Frequency (Hz) 50
Main material enamelled steel
Colour red
Capacity (litres) 27
Diameter 35 cm
Other dimensions hauteur cuve seule 29 cm
Net weight 6 kg

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