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Sheep casing for merguez/chipolatas 22/24 by 25 meters

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  • Sheep´s casing

  • ,25 metres of intestines

  • .
  • Genuine natural intestines.

  • Preserved in brine.

  • For merguez, chipolata sausages...

Reference : epiboymo
Sheep menu casings (22/24), 25 m., for the confection of merguez, chipolatas, small sausages...
Make your merguez and chipos with these natural casings and a meat filler, mincer or funnel.  

These natural casings are packed in a bag in brine to ensure their preservation.
Casings can be stored in the bottom of a refrigerator, in a freezer or with salt in a cellar.
Before use, cut the necessary amount and desalinate the hoses by rinsing them with lukewarm water.
If your hoses are frozen, you will be required to use them all after thawing.  

First cut the length needed for the sausage meat you prepared.
Desalinate the piece of hose you are going to use to emboss your merguez or chipolatas by soaking it in a bowl of warm water.
To facilitate the operation and properly untangle the hoses, you can circulate some water inside the hose (open one end and then circulate the water by sliding your fingers behind the water pocket inside the hoses).
Mount the hose on the funnel of the meat grinder or sausage pusher by folding it.  

You are ready to make delicious homemade merguez and chipolatas, grill on the barbecue or cook in the pan
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Main material boyau naturel
Length 25 m.
Diameter 22/24
Net weight 150 g

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