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Four quarters recipe

Four quarters refers to childhood, to gourmet snacks, to the cake of a rainy Sunday .... For many, it is the first cake to be performed with four hands under the benevolent eye of "granny".

This is the simplest recipe to memorize. Four-quarters, as its name suggests, is a quarter of an egg, a quarter of flour, a quarter of powdered sugar and a quarter of butter with the starting unit of measure: the weight of the egg (without his shell).  

It can be enjoyed naturally cut into slices or with jam or spread spread generously on it. But not only. Indeed, the four quarters allows a multitude of variations to give free rein to his culinary creativity.  

Vary the flavors! Its dough goes well with many aromas: vanilla, cinnamon, ginger ... orange blossom ... lemon or orange zest, seasonal fruit pieces, dried fruit ... chocolate for a shaping marbled or with nuggets, with salted butter with a hint of caramel (for this you simply need in the recipe to replace the sweet butter with salted butter), or with a hint of rum, Grand Marnier, a brandy ...
Personalize it once cooled by spreading a cream, a ganache ... it will look great and will be very greedy. To make it more festive, cover it with a superb icing.
Play with the shapes using different molds: crown, rectangle, round, square ... or in small formats for small holes.    

Four quarters recipe
Cooking: 40 minutes at 180 ° C (th 5/6).  

Weigh your eggs (3 or 4) and put the same weight in flour, sugar and melted butter.
In a bowl, whisk the eggs and sugar until the whole is white. The dough will be well ventilated so that it swells when cooked and keeps all its softness.
Add the flour to the mixture while mixing, then add the melted butter, which you will let cool for a few minutes.
Butter your mold, flour it and remove the excess, pour the dough and bake!  

Be greedy!

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