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Dough preparation for crepe and pancake dough

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Preparation and dosing pitcher for pancakes, blinis and pancakes of 900 ml. Pour in the ingredients, pull the handle and then operate the lever to drop the desired dose into the pan or on the pancake. Convenient, easy and fast.

Reference : gatdoscr
Dosage of ingredients is easy with this graduated cup in ml and cups. Pour the liquids, the eggs, the flour by controlling the quantities thanks to the graduation.
No need for a scale, a salad bowl or goose bumps, a measuring cup ...  

The mixture is then done by operating the handle twenty times. The dough is ready.
No need for whips, robot ... and no lumps!  

Pouring the dough with a simple gesture is possible with this preparer thanks to a trigger system that opens the bottom of the pitcher and lets the desired amount of dough flow. An additional double labeling in pancakes or pancakes makes it possible to measure the volume of crepe dough required. It flows directly into the crepe maker, you dose the desired amount at a glance and you can manage the cooking more freely.
No more problems with the ladle that is not full enough, the dough that takes too fast and does not spread or run and does tasks all over the worktop and the stove ...  

Capacity of 900 ml.
Graduation in ml / cup and pancakes / pancakes.
Non-slip bottom, wide handle easy to handle.
Dishwasher safe.
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Guarantee: 24 months
Main material plastic
Capacity (litres) 0.9

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