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Which seafood to choose for grilling?

Fish and seafood have stronger scented flavors when grilled and barbecued. Whether they are whole, sliced into steaks, or mounted on skewers, they appeal to gourmets who want an alternative to grilled meat or classic sausages.

Here are the most suitable fish and seafood for grilling? Cephalopods, molluscs and greasy fish. This trio is particularly suitable for grilling.
Cephalopods such as squid or cuttlefish, bivalve molluscs such as scallops, clams or almonds. Then fatty fish such as mackerel, sardines, tuna or bonito lend themselves wonderfully to this method of cooking.
These products are the delicacies that announce the season of my favorite grills.
Aperitif, starter and main course, everything is grilled! Christophe Castel's preferences: scallops, squid and mackerel.  

For scallops, they open themselves directly to the barbecue. Once opened, remove the small black pouch with the tip of a knife and drop a knob of butter and rest on the grill. Once the butter melts, enjoy them immediately. It is a very convivial grill, ideal for an aperitif.
With friends, put yourself around the fire and everyone is cooking their scallops. A convivial and sharing moment always appreciated.  

Squid, meanwhile, carve into slices. Just sprinkle with Espelette pepper and then sprinkle generously with olive oil. Let them marinate for half an hour and grill them on the barbecue or on a grill for a few minutes. This is an entry of the most friendly.  

For mackerel, Christophe Castel offers two possibilities of preparation: whole and in portfolio (the two nets connected together by the skin of the back). Whole, the skin of the fish will be finely cut from head to tail. This allows the skin not to burst with heat.
Brush them lightly with olive oil and cook for 2 to 3 minutes on each side.
The tenderloin will cook only on the skin side for 1 to 2 minutes. Salt and pepper to your liking. The taste sensations are different. The whole fish will have a strong taste, the net will be more sweet. It's a real experience to compare these flavors in one dish.  

As an accompaniment, a salad can be welcome. Of course, you can grill large potatoes previously wrapped in salt-cured aluminum foil with some herbs. 25 minutes placed directly on the embers or on the grill of the barbecue will suffice for their cooking.   

>>>>> Excerpt from tompress Magazine # 18 .

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