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Manufacture and recipe of red cabbage sauerkraut

Production and video recipe of Tom Press sauerkraut cabbage with Rustica.

Learn how to make your own homemade sauerkraut and the recipe for cooking a good dish of red cabbage sauerkraut.  

1 red cabbage of about 1.5 kg
15 g. salt
3 tablespoons juniper berries
1 kg of potatoes
1 onion
300 g. smoked pork belly
4 sausages from Strasbourg
1 cube of vegetable broth
35 cl. white wine Riesling
40 g. of butter  

Equipment for making sauerkraut:
1 cutting board
1 manual cabbage cut
1 large knife
1 food tray
1 paring knife
1 pot of lactofermentation
1 pestle  

Equipment for cooking sauerkraut:
1 paring knife
1 colander
1 large Dutch oven
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