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The pig's kitchen

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The kitchen of the pig - Francine Claustres - 64 pages. Everything is said in the title !

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The kitchen of the pig. By Francine Claustre. Paperback, 64 color pages.
Francine Claustres has already signed dozens of books devoted to cooking. Without pretending to be exhaustive, this emeritus cook dissects for us many ways to cook the pig and the charcuteries.
However, of all the meats, the pork is without question the one that one transforms most. He cooks a thousand and one ways and summarize his cooking in 64 pages is a tour de force!
A clear book, practical and accessible to all that will give you many ideas.
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Main material paper
Length 16.5
Width 11,5 cm
Height 0.4 cm
Net weight 85 g

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