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Cherry jam

This is a recipe for cherry jam that can be made with 1 kg of cherries.

Recipe for cherry jam for 1 kg of cherries.

For 1 kg of cherries (with stones).

Remove the stems, wash and drain the cherries.

Remove the cherry stones.

Put the fruit in a basin, cover it with 800 g. of sugar and the juice of half a lemon.

Heat until boiling point, then cover the basin, switch off the heat and leave it overnight.

The next day, cook over a hot flame. A basin is ideal because it offers better water evaporation.

When the jam thickens (after around 30 minutes), check whether it is cooked by placing a drop of the cherry jam on a cold plate. If the jam hardens immediately, it is ready!

Now pour the jam into clean dry jam jars, seal them and place them upside down while the jam cools.

Once the jars are cold, you can label the jam jars and store them on your shelves before enjoying your home made jam with family and friends.
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