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Steam juicer 26 cm - induction

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Stainless steel steam juice extractor, 8 litre fruit basket, diameter 26 cm. Suitable for all hobs including induction.

Reference : extinoxe
This 8 litre induction steam juicer allows you, in a single operation, to extract and pasteurise the juice from your fruit and vegetables.
It is particularly adapted to making syrups and jellies because the juice extracted by steaming is free from all impurities.

How does the steam juice extractor work?
When the water contained in the lower section is brought to the boil, the steam rises and penetrates the cut fruit contained in the upper section.
This steam breaks up the cells and releases the juice that flows into the intermediate section. The juice accumulates there and remains at a temperature of around 80°C: it is pasteurised.
You can then fill your bottles using the tube and cork them without the temperature of the remaining juice in the steamer falling.

This juicer is equipped with cold handles and a triple diffusing base. It works on all kinds of hobs including induction.

The advantage of a steam juicer is that it allows you to make pasteurised juice that you can preserve in a single operation.
No need to grind, press, filter… it is very practical for small quantities of different fruit every time.
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Guarantee: 36 months
Main material stainless steel
Other material transparent glass lid
Capacity (litres) 8
Colour stainless steel
Diameter 26 cm
Height 38 cm
Net weight 3,185 kg

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