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Steriliser for 11 jars - galvanised - Guillouard

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Galvanised 11 jar gas steriliser by Guillouard.

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Galvanised 11 jar steriliser by Guillouard.
Comes with a lid with a hole for inserting a thermometer. The central pillar and 6 spring hooks allow you to hang and wedge jars so that they do not bump into each other and break when the water boils.
The hot galvanisation treatment makes this jar boiler perfectly watertight and offers excellent protection from rust.
Works over gas.
For eleven 1 litre Le Parfait jars.
Made in France.
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Guarantee: 60 months
Main material galvanised steel
Colour grey
Capacity (litres) 11 jars of preserve at a time.
Fabriqué en France
Diameter 36,5 cm
Height 42 cm
Other dimensions Base diameter: 32 cm.
Net weight 3,83 kg

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