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Virucidal disinfectant without rinsing spray 750 ml suitable for food contact

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Disinfectant for surfaces in 750 ml spray. Disinfect and destroy bacteria and viruses on countertops, refrigerators, countertops, display cases, equipment, etc. Rinse-free solution.

Reference : entdesa0
Ready-to-use food disinfectant without rinsing in 750 ml spray.  

Virucidal disinfectant (coronavirus, rotavirus), bactericide (Escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus), fungicide, levuricide (candida albicans), usable on surfaces, furniture and objects without rinsing.
Suitable for food contact (homologation TP2/TP4), it is recommended for professionals in application on counters, keyboards, telephones, windows, doors and handles, walls, toilets and sanitary, shoes, but also agro-food laboratories, cold rooms, refrigerators, equipment and utensils...
Its use without rinsing makes it very convenient to disinfect hard-to-reach areas.
This disinfectant is ready to use in refillable spray is easy to use.
Simply spray pure on surfaces less than 30 cm after washing or soak a cloth, wipe or single-use paper and apply to the surface to be treated.
Then allow to act as needed by following the recommendations on the can (30 seconds to 5 minutes).
The product dries itself and requires no rinsing even for contact with food.  

Meets EN1276, EN13697, EN13727, EN1500, EN1650, EN13624 and EN14476 standards.
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Main material éthanol
Capacity (litres) 0.75

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