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Butterfly and lacewing hotel

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Butterfly hotel in frost-free terracotta. French made.

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Butterfly hotel
Butterflies are part of the family of "useful" insects in the vegetable garden just like ladybugs!
They forage, they pollinate flowers and vegetable plants and devour up to 400 aphids per day. It is therefore not negligible to want to preserve and settle them.
This hotel has been specially designed taking into account the natural needs of butterflies: a cold-blooded insect, it must absorb the heat of the sun to be able to fly and must therefore protect itself from winter temperatures. This hotel will offer him a protective habitat from the winter frosts or a refuge in rainy or windy weather. He is the solution!
Made with terracotta that does not freeze, it comes in the form of an openwork cylinder, equipped with a lid so that you can garnish it with hay, dead leaves, nettles, straw, for the comfort of these pollinators .
Place near an orchard, vegetable patch or ornamental garden, facing south / southeast.
Color: red and white ceramic.
French made
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Guarantee: 24 months
Main material terracotta
Colour brick
Fabriqué en France
Diameter 13 cm
Height 16,5 cm

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