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Purple Queen Bean Seeds

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Purple Queen bean seeds, Dwarf Mangetout type variety, long pods, wireless, dark purple in color. The pods turn green when cooked. Package of 80 grams.

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Purple Queen bean seeds
The Purple Queen bean is a variety of the dwarf Mangetout type, long pods, cordless, dark purple in color. The pods turn green when cooked. Eaten young, they are excellent raw and have the best effect in salads.  

Sowing in plain earth: March-April-May-June-July.
Sowing aid: sowing 5 to 6 seeds in bundles staggered every 40 cm. Lines 40 cm apart. Place the seeds 2 or 3 cm deep.  

Cultivation aid: hoe immediately after emergence, then start again approximately 2 weeks later in order to facilitate the hilling operation
Harvests: June-July-August-September.  

Harvesting aid: beans develop quickly, it is preferable to stagger your harvests by passing every 2-3 days. To be consumed quickly after picking. Short storage in the fridge otherwise prefer freezing.  

Tips: you can activate the emergence of the seeds by soaking them for 24 hours in water (preferably rain). Eliminate any floating seeds before sowing them.  

Package of 80 grams
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