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Aguadulce bean seeds

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Aguadulce bean seeds with very long pod, vigorous and productive variety. The plant reaches an average of 60 to 80 cm and produces pods of 25 cm.

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Very long pod Aguadulce seeds
This old variety, native to Spain, has been listed since 1883 in the work "Les Plantes Potagère" by Vilmorin-Andrieux.
The Aguadulce bean is a vigorous and productive variety. The plant reaches an average of 60 to 80 cm in height and produces pods of 25 cm containing 8 to 10 fairly large and fleshy seeds.  

Sowing in the ground: February-March-April - sunny exposure
Sowing aid: sowing in place, one seed every 15 cm, in rows 40 cm apart, on deep, rich, drained and cool soil. A seed 5 cm deep then cover. Avoid cultivating it in dry ground.  

Cutting aid: stop the feet when they reach 15 cm high and support them when they are in flower. Pinch the end of the stem above the sixth floral stage to promote pod development and reduce aphid attacks.  

Harvest: May-June-July
Harvesting aid: harvest the young but well-formed seeds, the pod must be still green and closed.  

Tips: the seeds are sown depending on the region and the severity of winter. From February to April if the winter is harsh or from October to February in regions with mild climates.  

Package of 100 grams
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