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Butternut Nutterbutter (Buttermilk) seeds

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Butternut butter squash seeds, late squash, runner, 4 to 7 fruits per plant. Orange-yellow flesh, fine, buttery and tender like avocado. Musky taste.

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Butternut Nutterbutter (Buttermilk) seeds.
Butternut Doubeurre squash is precocious and fast. Its ocher and firm flesh with a musky taste is fine, buttery and tender. It gives 4 to 7 fruits per plant of 1 to 1.8 kg. Native to the United States.  

Sowing under shelter: February-March-April-May.
Full ground sowing: March-April-May-June on any type of soil, sunny exposure.
Sowing aid: sow in pots under shelter at a temperature between 18 and 20 ° C, 2 to 3 weeks before setting up.  

Cultivation aid: transplant when the plants have 4 to 5 leaves in light, cool, loose soil, rich in humus, 2 m apart.  

Harvest: July-August-September-October-November
Harvesting aid: harvest ripe before frost. Keeps very well away from humidity.  

Tips: Butter the creeping stem as close as possible to the fruit, once rooted, it will promote fruit development. Mulch the soil if necessary.
Strong need for water.
Pack of 12 seeds
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