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Respiratory protection mask FFP2 with foldable x20 valve adaptable nose clip fine dust

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Lot of 20 FFP2 masks with valve for respiratory protection, filter and protects against fine dust and droplets, adaptable nose clip. Attachment by double elastic behind the head. Valve facilitating breathing and avoiding fogging.  

Reference : entmasv2
Respiratory protection mask with FFP2 valve, adjustable nose bar, flat folded model, pack of 20 pieces.
Foldable polypropylene masks and filtering part in electrostatic polypropylene with elastic tightening behind the head in latex-free synthetic rubber, clip nose clip adjustable on all the noses for a good hold and sealing.
Valve to reduce breathing resistance and facilitate breathing. This valve also limits fogging, especially for those who wear glasses and limits the heat and humidity inside the mask for greater comfort, especially when wearing the mask for a long period.
"Duckbill" shell for good ease of movement of the mouth.
Disposable mask for single use certified for eight hours.  

FFP2 type mask which offers very good protection against fine dust (flour, charcoal, vegetable oils, cellulose, cotton, glass wool, silica, cement, charcoal, metal or soft wood dust, aluminum, copper , mushrooms, tuberculosis bacillus ...). It also filters 94% of non-toxic solid and liquid aerosols.
CE certified and compliant with standard EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009.
It therefore protects at an exposure up to 10 times higher than the VME (Average Exposure Limit Value) of concentration of chemical compounds in the air over a period of 8 hours. These limit values ??then depend on the national regulations for each chemical compound.
It also protects the wearer against inhalation of infectious agents transmitted by air and against bacteria and viruses transmitted by droplets (sneezing, cough, postillions, speech).
Mask tested against allergies.
Do not use in low oxygen environments (O2 concentration less than 17%).
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Net weight 17 g

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