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Single use paper hygiene mask box of 50

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Hygienic mask for single use per 50 pieces to protect your environment close to postillions especially when handling foodstuffs. Elastic attachment behind the head.

Reference : entmahyg
Disposable hygiene mask for short use in box of 50.  

This mask helps protect from saliva splashes in front of you.
Ideal for the protection of your work plan and protect your environment close to saliva and postillions, especially during food manufacturing and working with food like in a cheese dairy, butcher's workshop, etc.  

Paper mask with fixing elastic passing behind the polypropylene head.  

This mask is not PPE or a respiratory mask. It does not effectively protect in particular against the transmission of fine particles or viruses.
It is simply made to protect from projections around the person wearing the mask.
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Main material polypropylene
Other material polypropylene
Colour blue
Net weight 4 g

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