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Chromed steel ring puller openers made in France

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Steel ring opener. Made in France.

Reference : serouvta
Chromed steel on nickel can opener  

This can opener, imagined by French engineers, has a rounded shape, resembling a sickle and contains elements essential to its use: each point has its function.
First, a point easily slides between the lid and the ring of a can and by a circular movement, gently lifts it, then, a bottle opener hook opens all kinds of bottles with crown caps. In continuity, the curve formed by this utensil facilitates the opening of the lids of the screwed jars, without forcing and finally, the plastic and ergonomic red handle for a good grip, is pierced with a hole at its end to allow the 'hang in your kitchen.  

This original, French-made and specifically shaped tool combines efficiency and robustness.
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Guarantee: 24 months
Colour white
Fabriqué en France
Net weight 63 g

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