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Emile Henry Delight induction ceramic fondue set

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Emile Henry Delight induction ceramic fondue pot and accessories. Complete set with fondue pot, support, stove and 6 forks. Compatible all fires. An exclusive innovation. French made.

Reference : terdfond
Emile Henry Black Induction Ceramic Fondue Set.
Induction fondue set complete, practical because induction compatible and well drawn, beautiful with curves for easy use and aesthetic, user friendly with its fondue accessories for six people.  

Discover with this fondue set a ceramic cookware compatible all fires including induction, passing from the kitchen to the table:
- an induction ceramic pot with counter-handle,
- a strong metal support,
- an adjustable alcohol burner,
- six flutes with wooden handle.
A manufacture of Emile Henry, France.  

Fondue set compatible with all fires including induction.
This is a first for ceramics. Although there are dishes and cooking utensils ceramic compatible with induction, but with significant fragility and manufacturing processes that do not allow for large series.
After several years of research, a high-tech ceramic created with precision technologies, especially for very precise cooking, makes it possible to obtain a high-quality ceramic dish with, in addition, new characteristics found in other types of ceramic. materials like cast iron.
This ceramic goes on all fires such as flame, oven, electric plates, halogen and glass ceramic, but also induction plates, even with the booster function, without this does not weaken the Tatin dish. It is therefore possible to heat it quickly and strong without fear of distorting or weakening the dish and thus maximize the benefits of induction to make the caramel and confit the apples.  

Rise in high temperature fast, warm heat and keep warm.
Thanks to its induction compatibility and the high resistance of its ceramic, the skillet is hot in 1 minute, which saves time and energy and allows to melt the cheese quickly and without waiting.
In parallel with this responsiveness, the Emile Henry Delight Induction fondue pot retains all the properties of ceramics such as inertia and allows to maintain the molten forming with a gentle and regular heat rendered by the material and maintained by the burner.  

Email resistant, durable and healthy.
The enamelled finish of the ceramic creates a very solid, smooth and perfectly stable and healthy coating. The smooth surface of the enamel is easy to clean, does not catch, does not smell of garlic or cheese. In use, it is also very practical because its resistance allows to use metal utensils, to stir, soak bread or scrape the cheese at the end of service. The fondue set is also dishwasher safe.  

Beautiful and practical design with Véronique Maire.
Good design is not just about aesthetics, it's also easier and better use.
First, the diameter of the pot allows a good capacity and access to processed cheese for six guests.
The long hollow tail remains cold and can carry the skillet with a good grip. If necessary, the counter-handle can be grasped with both hands when it is full of processed cheese.  

Pass on all fires including induction, oven, microwave and dishwasher.
5 years warranty.
French made.
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Guarantee: 60 months
Main material ceramic
Colour black
Capacity (litres) 1.2
Fabriqué en France
Length 36
Diameter 22 cm
Height 10 cm
Net weight 4.070 kg

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