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Vegetable compact Exky Indoor Classic White Real

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Vegetable garden Genuine compact Exky white Classic. Kitchen garden for cook. Delivered with 2 refills Ingots to start immediately. French made.

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Compact indoor vegetable garden Genuine Exky Classic white for 2 varieties of plants.
Do you like fresh produce for cooking without gardening? Your kitchen is not very big? The vegetable garden Exky Genuine is for you!
More than 50 herbs, young shoots and fresh mini vegetables all year round in your kitchen without a green thumb.  

The Véritable kitchen garden is the result of a great deal of research on lighting and optimal light for plant growth, as well as a search for complete and entirely vegetal production support, a simple and efficient irrigation system and adapted productive seed varieties. . All in a simple, timeless and functional design.  

Comes with 2 Ingot refills to start without delay.  

Autonomous LED lighting imitating the sun.
Huge research work with thousands of tests has been necessary to achieve the combination of high performance blue and white LEDs associated with special lenses that focus light on the plants rather than lightening around the garden.
The result is a lighting of only 4 W allowing the germination and the growth of the plants lighting automatically every day during 16 hours to respect the natural rhythm of the plants.
This exclusive system is unique to the True vegetable garden.  

Nothing to plant, the Ingot is complete and ready to use.
Genuine Ingot seeds are complete and easy to use.
Just insert the Ingot in its bin to harvest from 4 weeks for 4 to 6 months!
Genuine Ingot Refill is a completely biodegradable biological substrate or carrier made from coconut and peat fibers. It contains all the nutrients to feed the plant from germination to the end of the harvest as well as the seeds that are already sown and held in place by a thin layer of natural clay that optimizes plant start. Guaranteed free of pesticides and GMOs.
The seeds are organic or without treatments (see the details of each Ingot) and have a guarantee of germination for one year. Beyond that, germination can be reduced.  

Autonomous garden up to 4 weeks.
The vegetable garden True regulates the lighting necessary to the plants in an automatic way.
Watering is also regulated automatically. Just fill the water tank. The vegetable garden signals you the right moment by a delicate blinking of the blue / white leds to guarantee you one and up to 4 weeks of autonomy in water without further intervention thanks to controlled irrigation.
The use of the vegetable garden being done indoors, the necessary heat is 18 to 35 ° C, that of your home.  

Abundant harvests for cooking.
The Veritable vegetable garden thus presents specific assets highly appreciated in cooking by the gourmets and the gourmands:
- abundant harvests to really cook the products,
- fast harvests in just 4 weeks and for 4 to 6 months,
- available at the place of consumption, in the kitchen,
- easy to use, autonomous and limited maintenance, just put the ingots and reload water when it is indicated,
- no need to garden, learn or have a field ...  

Sustainable and practical design.
This kitchen garden has been designed to slip easily into a kitchen, living room, apartment and will not swear next to your home appliances. Its simple lines and elegance all in white make it a timeless product, which will not spoil your interior and stay there for a long time. Its design is also designed for practical use. The tank is easily accessible and easy to fill. The luminous bollards are height-adjustable without tools simply pulling the poles to fit all plants. The refill ingots are deposited without forcing in the bins of the kitchen garden.  

The Veritable vegetable garden is a patented system designed, manufactured and assembled in the Lyon region of France.
90% of partners and subcontractors are within 200 km of the company.
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Guarantee: 24 months
Power (W) 8
Voltage (V) 220
Frequency (Hz) 50
Main material ABS
Other material polypropylene
Colour white
Capacity (litres) 1
Fabriqué en France
Length 20 cm
Width 18.5 cm
Height 37,5 cm
Net weight 1.2 kg

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