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Gray electric juice extractor large opening Kuvings D9900

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Gray electric juice extractor large opening Kuving D9900.

Reference : herkw99s
Gray Electric Juice Extractor Kuving D9900 with the latest juice extractor technology: Large mouthpiece, simplicity and performance!
Kuving has become the essential reference for professionals and individuals.
A sleek and sleek design hides a real technological revolution that allows to make juice with 0% fiber which is very significant for carrot juice, beets, celery, ginger ...
SLOW ROTATION: maximum 48 rpm.
Cut, crush, grind and squeeze slowly: that's the secret! No heating, extraordinary juice quality and above all, a minimum of contact with the air. Vitamins are preserved.  

LARGE OPENING: The device has a large mouthpiece of 8.2 cm, and a powerful motor of 240 watts, which reduce the cutting of your fruits and vegetables.
The pressing screw starts by cutting the pieces into slices. Then she grinds them and presses them slowly. The screw mastic the plants before exerting a pressure is more and more strong. The juice is very rich in vitamins and nutrients and there is little dry matter.  

SQUEEGEE CAP: "Smart Cap".
Stir, mix, and pour the desired amount into each glass. If you make multi-fruit juices or mixed vegetables: squeeze everything together and let it run! Kuving mixes and brews slowly to extract the best of your fruit. And to serve you? You open the cap "Smart Cap" and you fill your glass.  

CLEANING: even easier!
Close the cap to pour water and rotate. The squeegees clean the grates and you just have to pass the pressing mechanism under the faucet.
A cleaning set with a circular brush is supplied with the device.  
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Guarantee: 60 months
Power (W) 240
Rotation (Revs/min) 48
Colour grey
Length 21 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 45 cm
Other dimensions 7.5 cm opening
Net weight 6,6 kg

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