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Mold 15 mini black silicone madeleines with metal particles

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30 x 17 cm mold for 15 small madeleines, made of black Platinum silicone containing metal particles, which allows a good cooking.

Reference : gatsfpma
Platinum silicone mold for 15 mini-madeleines 30x17 cm.  

Pastry mold to cook fifteen small madeleines at once, all in quality silicone, guaranteed for 10 years.
The fingerprints of the fifteen mini madeleines each measure 4.4x3.4x1 cm.
This silicone, naturally anti-adhesive for easy demolding, is enriched with fine metal particles to heart to transmit heat better than the silicone alone to cook, caramelize and crisp your recipes.
The black color of this silicone mold naturally attracts heat and therefore heats better, while allowing energy savings.
Finally, quality European manufacturing guarantees that the silicone will be parboiled in order to rid it of all impurities due to manufacturing.  

The dimensions of this mold make it possible to put two at once on a plate of traditional oven of 40x30 cm.
Go in the freezer as in the oven.
Dishwasher safe but hand cleaning is preferred, which is easily done by the non-stick properties of silicone.
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Guarantee: 120 months
Main material silicone
Other material particules métalliques
Colour black
Length 30 cm
Width 17 cm
Net weight 170 g

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