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Tom Press Automatic Vacuum Machine - 100 Free Bags

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Tom Press automatic vacuum machine, vacuum pump with a capacity of 16 liters per minute and -900 mbar of vacuum. 100 bags 20x30 cm FREE.

Reference : vidstpau
Tom Press automatic vacuum machine.
32 cm solder bar for bags up to 30 cm wide.
Vacuum pump allowing a suction of 16 dm3 / min (or 16 liters per minute), and allowing to evacuate at -900 mbar of depression.  

The machine starts at the touch of a button. When the suction is complete, the welding cycle starts automatically.
When the packaging of the bag is complete, the decompression solenoid valve allows the air to enter the suction chamber to release the bag.  

For vacuum packaging of more fragile products, it is possible to switch to manual mode and trigger the weld when desired by simply pressing a button.
Three LEDs give an idea of ??the level of vacuum and provide information on the steps of the vacuum.  

A hose with a special nozzle empties boxes and containers as well as various jars with universal lids (optional) and is available with the machine.  

The solder bar is independent and managed to limit power consumption. ABS plastic fairing, fully sealed molded decompression chamber. Removable joints and easy to return or change.  

The machine is delivered with 20 embossed vacuum bags 20x30 cm and 100 microns thick.
EXCLUSIVE, 100 extra vacuum bags 20x30 cm extra FREE.
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Guarantee: 60 months
Power (W) 250
Voltage (V) 220
Frequency (Hz) 50
Main material plastic
Colour noir et blanc
Capacity (litres) suction 16 litres/minute
Length 37,6 cm
Width 16,8 cm
Height 11 cm
Thickness 6.5 cm
Net weight 3,295 kg

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