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Double wall cooking pot - 26 litres - with tap

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26 litre cooking pot with a double wall and tap for jam-making. Suitable for all hobs.

Reference : mfidb26r
Double wall cooking pot - 26 litres - with a tap for jam making - suitable for all hobs.

Designed for making large amounts of jellies and jams.
This cooking pot consits of two wall made from AISI304 stainless steel with a space between them.
This space should be filled with water. The temperature of the cooking pot will never exceed 105°C and it works like a water bath.
To reach and remain at the ideal temperature of 105°C, there is a safety valve that keeps the water under slight pressure. The heat is evenly distributed and is always below the temperature at which fructose caramelises, so the fruit flavours remain intact.
You can use this cooking pot with a gas, electric or induction hob.
Diameter at the base: 40 cm.
The large 1 inch tap allows you to fill your jars directly without making a mess or overflowing.
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Capacity (litres) 26 litres
Diameter 40 cm
Height 35 cm
Net weight 11,5 kg

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