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Book -Paella de la mer (Paella from the sea)

Making fish and seafood paella from the sea is very easy to do. The secret is the stock ! Here´s how ...

You are fairly free to choose your own ingredients. Choose what you want at your local fishmonger´s in terms of what you can pick up with a fork. Calamari, squid, prawns and other seafood are fine. For fish, choose monkfish, tuna or other fish with firm flesh cut into appropriately sized pieces.
Suggestion for 10/12 people
1 kg of monkfish tail in chunks
500 g of cuttlefish, calamari, squid ....
. 20 large mussels
20 prawns. 500 g shrimps
. 1 kg of round rice
For the broth 3 onions
2 kg of monkfish head, fish bones, small rock fish...
swimming crabs
1 stalk of celery 1 mixed herbs
<... br> The broth! In a large saucepan or casserole dish, soak your onions in plenty of olive oil. Once coloured, add your swimming crabs. Leave them whole at first before crushing them with a pestle in the pot. You can now add the rock fish, fish heads... everything that adds flavour and creaminess ... (your fishmonger you will surely have a monkfish head or some remains of fish). Stir, cover with at least 5 litres of water, add the mixed herbs and celery and let it gently on simmer for an hour or two, pressing from time to time to take out the juice.
Once cooked, remove large pieces and filter in a strainer to collect your stock. Taste and correct without adding too much salt. The broth will partially evaporate and concentrate before being absorbed by the rice ...
Paella Paella with fish or shellfish is made exactly same way as with meat.
You heat the central part. You first fry the products that require more cooking to get them grilled.
. And you keep them warm on the outer part of the plate. Give your shellfish plenty of time to cook in the broth before adding the rice.
When all that left to cook is the rice
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