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Real raclette

How to make real raclette. Which cheese? Which machine?

Prior to electric devices, the cheese would melt in front of the fire. Let´s head to the Canton of La Valais in Switzerland to return to the origins.

The Swiss will tell you: genuine raclette is not for people in a hurry! You need to take your time, savour it and share it. Raclette is really a state of mind made from human warmth and simplicity. It is also a cheese. In Valais, they know about cheese.
In order to defend 20 centuries* of cheesemaking traditions, ""the"" raclette has become a protected name (AOP). Raclette is cheese: a tome weighing around 6 kg made with unpasteurised, unskimmed milk. The rind is pressed without being cooked, which explains the fresh and fruity aromas, the plant feel and that little touch of acidity that elevates the flavours and is so typical. The pleasant aroma comes from the know-how of the local maturers who keep their precious cheeses in their cellars for several months. Yes, raclette is first and foremost a cheese and any old melted cheese will not do.
When it comes to preparing it, be careful not the let the cheese change colour. Grilling it will add nothing and you will mask all the subtle aromas with unwelcome bitterness. So, placed on a slate before the fire or on the ramp of an electric appliance, it is all about the cheese and the people you are sharing it with. Enjoy!

*Cheese was recorded in Valais in the 4th century BC. The Romans were very fond of it and made its reputation. It was even used for bartering!
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