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Fridge thermometer

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Fridge thermometer: keep track of the temperature inside your fridge easily.

Reference : thefriso
Digital refrigerator thermometer, from + 70° to - 50° Celsius.
It precisely monitors the temperature inside your refrigerator, allowing you to keep your food fresh.
The temperature inside a fridge should be between +4 and +6° C in the top part, between 0 and +4°C at the bottom and 6°C in the crisper.
The freeze compartment should be at least -18°C.
With this little magnetic thermometer, you can see the temperature inside the fridge in the spot in which you have placed it.
It will also give you minimum and maximum temperatures, room temperatures and it has an alarm that can be programmed to go off if the temperature exceeds a certain level.
Works with a AAA battery (included).
Probe cable measuring 1m.
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Guarantee: 24 months
Main material plastic
Length 6,5 cm
Width 4 cm
Height 1,5 cm
Net weight 0,04 kg

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