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Salmon knife with indentations 30 cm

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Salmon knife with an indented blade measuring 29.5 cm for slicing salmon and fish carpaccio.

Reference : coursa30
This salmon knife has a 29.5 cm indented stainless steel blade for slicing salmon and fish carpaccios and allowing you to cut a fillet without changing knives.
At the heel, the cutting blade begins with a slight dip that allows you, at the end of the slice, to reach the skin while keeping your slices regular in width all along their length.
Attack the top of the fillet with the dip in the heel and pull the blade towards you.
When you reach the skin, use the flexibility of the blade to keep it along the flat.
The indentations limit adhesion and prevent the blade from engaging simply because they allow air to enter between the slice and the fillet.
The pressure you exert on your hand to slice is really used by the blade.
You do not fight against the natural adherence of the salmon which will not stick to the blade: you are more precise and your slices are thin and regular.
Single block with rivets and a round cowl.
Made in France.
Wrought stainless steel 740C13.
Hardness 53 HRC.
Width of the blade: 1.6 cm.
Total length: 41.5 cm.
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Guarantee: 24 months
Hardness 52-54 HRC
Largeur lame 1,6 cm
Longueur lame 30 cm
Main material stainless steel
Colour inox et noir
Fabriqué en France
Length 41,5 cm
Width 1,9 cm
Other dimensions Blade measuring 29.5 cm, width of 1.6 cm in the middle
Net weight 160 g.

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