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The chestnuts
Cook the chestnuts

On embers or electric brazing,
to taste alone or in pastry.
All equipment for the preparation of chestnuts.

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Electric sterilisers

Make your jars of preserves for the whole year.
Enamelled steel or stainless steel models.

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Bread mould
Severals forms
In exclusivity Emile Henry for Tom Press.
to our product line, round, rectangle ou stick bread,
make your choice.
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Pumpkin: the queen of autumn!

Pumpkin: the queen of autumn!

Essential of autumn, its orange color recalls the season and embellishes your preparations.
Pumpkin is a low calorie vegetable, high in fiber, vitamins A B C and E.
You can cook it fried, steamed, saucepan, velvety, soup or in cakes.
Tom Press provides you with utensils to cook this autumnal vegetable.
Make your homemade preserves
Make your homemade preserves

Make your homemade preserves

All the equipment for successful homemade preserves can be found at Tom Press.
Whether sterilizers, jars Le Parfait® or Weck, like all accessories and small utensils for conservation.

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Tom Press is committed

Tom Press is committed

Since 1921, Tom Press has been serving customers looking for quality producers, whether from behind their computer screen today or at the counter of our family hardware shop as in the past.

Tom Press offers you the opportunity to make your own preserves with the Le Parfait® and Weck jars.

You can also make your own processed meats with our Reber grinders and stuffers, smoke your hams, fillets and fish, make your own pasta at home, make your own jam, butter and cheese, squeeze your own fruit to make juice, cider or wine or dry mushrooms to keep them all year long...

If you are looking for a particular product that you cannot find on our site, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to seek out the item and reply to you.

Tom Press is committed
François LouberssacPrésident de Tom Press
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