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327 litre ratchet press


Mechanical ratchet apple, grape and fruit press, diameter 70 cm, 327 litre basket.

Reference : prctrc70
Ratchet press with mechanical double ratchet movement.
Diameter 70 cm, 327 litre basket, internal dimensions of the basket: 70x85 cm, diam. of the screw: 7 cm.
The double ratchet mechanism of this press means that you can increase the pressure on the grapes to press more easily.
Central steel screw, steel basin with radial reinforcements, the basket closes with removable dowel pins, beech wood basket, pressing blocks in hardwood beech, cast-iron ratchet.
Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 240 cm.

This model of press has a 327 litre capacity which corresponds to approximately 320 kg of ground or trampled fruit. The yields will depend on several criteria such as the kind of fruit and its maturity... as well as the time devoted to pressing. For apple or grape juice, the yield is around 50% (160 l per press) for a fast press and up to 70% (220 l per press) for a full press.

This press will allow you to press apples, grapes and other fruit to create juices, wines and ciders.
Before pressing the fruit, remember to grind or crush it first.
To press apples and other fruit with hard skins, you will need to grind them in order to express the juice. Grinders exist for this purpose, or for very small quantities it is possible to break the apples with a mace by placing them inside a burlap sack.
To make grape juice or other red berry juices and other soft fruit with a press, you first need to crush the fruit. This can be done with a grape grinder, but for very small quantities it is possible to trample it, just like in the old days. A large grape bucket will be required, as well as a pair of clean boots for those who do not want to do it barefoot.
The first motions of the ratchet will express a lot of the fruit juice, almost 75%. For maximum yield, you will need to make a few turns of the ratchet until a considerable amount of the juice flows out before renewing the pressure on the fruit. This allows you to increase the juice yield by up to 40%.
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Guarantee: 24 months
Capacity (litres) 327
Diameter 70 cm
Net weight 305 kg

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