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Portable ozone generator 10 g/hour for air purification disinfection and deodorization

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Ozone generator or ozonator 10,000 mg. /hour with lightweight, compact controller to deodorize, purify air and disinfect without chemicals. Suitable for offices, vehicles, small shops, waiting rooms... European manufacture.

Reference : entozo10
Portable and programmable ozonator 10,000 mg. /hour.
Deodorise, sanitizes, purifies air and disinfects spaces up to 160 m3 without chemicals.  

Ozone is a gas (O3) produced by electric discharges in the ceramic plates of the generator that breaks down the oxygen molecules (O2) in the air and groups them together as ozone. This process is temporary, with ozone naturally degrading to oxygen over time. For this reason, ozone is produced at the place of use and cannot be stored or transported.
The ozone generator is used in a closed environment to obtain a sufficient concentration and a maximum oxidizing effect on mites, germs, moulds and viruses. Concentrated ozone has fungicidal, bactericidal and virucidal properties. Ozone being a gas heavier than air, it easily penetrates seat and seat fabrics, inaccessible surfaces and corners with maximum efficiency.
This compact and lightweight ozonator has a simple and clear control panel.
It can be switched on by a master switch, then two simple buttons, two LED indicators and a display are enough to use it.
Place the ozonator on its 4 pads on a flat, clean surface as high as possible (ozone is a heavy gas).
Follow the recommendations on the control panel for the operating time or calculate the volume of the part divided by 2.5 to know the desired operating time.
Select the desired cycle time up to 60 minutes in 5-minute increments.
Validate, the two leds (red and green) flash the time of the timer in order to allow you the time to leave the room by closing correctly.
Then, the red led continues to flash alone and the screen displays the remaining minutes until the end of the cycle.
When the ozone production is finished, the red LED always flashes alone and the screen displays "00" while flashing. This is the time that ozone completes its action and degrades to oxygen (count one to two times the time of ozone production).
Once the green led lights up and the screen displays "ON", you can enter the room to aerate and start a new cycle in a new space.
Ventilate the treated spaces at the end of the cycle to remove any traces of ozone.
Before starting a cycle, be sure to close windows, doors and all exits.
Treated spaces must be empty, without people, animals or living plants.
Ozone is a heavy gas, therefore, it is important to aerate well after a treatment cycle in order to dissipate any trace of gas that may remain on the ground.
Suitable for business premises:
- offices and open spaces,
- medical office, waiting room,
- small shops, fashion shops and ready-to-wear shops,
- hairdressers, beauty salons, massage parlours,
- cloakroom, small workshop,
- restaurant, café, bar,
- hotel, guest room,
- small workshop.
Suitable for vehicles:
- from the city car to the craftsmans or delivery van,
- rental vehicles,
- garage loan cars,
- shared vehicles,
- company car,
- boat cabins.  

Suitable for private use, for home or private vehicles.  

European manufacture.
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Guarantee: 24 months
Power (W) 90
Voltage (V) 220
Frequency (Hz) 50
Main material enamelled steel
Other material nylon renforcé
Capacity (litres) 160 000
Colour white
Yield (Kg/h) 0,010
Fabriqué en Europe
Length 36 cm
Width 27 cm
Height 29 cm
Net weight 3,9 kg

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