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Instant baker's yeast for homemade bread 5 sachets of 11 g.

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Instant dry baker's yeast. Mixes directly with the flour without prior rehydration. Sachets of 11 grams per 5. Store at room temperature and keep for up to 2 years.

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Instant dry baker's yeast in 5 bags of 11 grams.  

This baker's yeast, in the form of fine vermicelli, can be incorporated directly into the flour of your preparation in your salad bowl, mixer or food processor, without prior rehydration.
Yeast for bread, brioche and other leavened doughs.
For a bread dough with 500 grams of flour, which is equivalent to a loaf of bread, a large flute or country bread, count half a sachet to one sachet of instant yeast. So you have enough to make 5 to 10 pretty loaves of bread with a box of 5 sachets.
According to the recipes, allows you to seed 250 g. to 1 kg. of flour.
The yeast, vacuum-packed, can be stored at room temperature, depending on the date written on the packet (up to 2 years). Opened sachets should be kept in the fridge and consumed within 8 days.
Do not bring into contact with ice water.
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