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Scraper with pigskin and boars for drill

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Six-sided scraper for pigs and wild boars. Powered by drill for electrical operation.

Reference : couracel
Scraper for bristles of pigs and wild boars to adapt on drill.  

This tool, made entirely of steel, is designed to remove bristles from pigs and wild boars without damaging the skin.
Very easy to use: on one side you plug an ordinary drill into the dedicated slot, on the other hand you hold the wooden handle for safe handling.
The drill will drive the six beveled slats by turning them clockwise. Thanks to its long wooden handle and its splashguard, you will be protected from the burns that can cause the jet of boiling water necessary in this type of operation
With one hand the handle, the other the drill, you just have to pass the device on the skin of the animal taking into account the direction of the hairs and you will be able to carry out a precise cleaning even in the zones the most difficult to access.
Lamella thickness: 2 mm
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Main material Steel
Other material wood
Colour steel
Fabriqué en Europe
Length 30 cm
Width 10 cm
Net weight 865 g

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