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250 W small bird bird feathers with suction

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Feathering machine with electric disk for quail, pigeons, ...

Reference : eleplupo
Electric disc plucking machine for small birds, pigeons and quails, ...
Ideal for dry plumage.  

Equipped with a 250 W motor which drives the rotation of the discs and the suction system.  

The plumage block made of steel contains 7 stainless steel discs for a high yield.
The disc system is secure to avoid pinching hands
The suction device spits the feathers on the side of the galvanized steel frame.
The feather recovery bag is provided.  

This frame is equipped with anti-slip feet for greater stability.
The operation of this plucking machine is operated by 2 buttons: on and off.
An emergency stop button is also integrated to avoid all risks.  

Made in Italy.
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Guarantee: 24 months
Power (W) 250
Voltage (V) 230
Main material Steel
Length 25 cm
Width 23 cm
Height 38 cm
Net weight 13,5 kg

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