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Brick for roasting large poultry 5 l. anthracite ceramic Charcoal Emile Henry

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Special turkey large volume charcoal turf charcoal Emile Henry charcoal. To succeed without trouble and without dirtying the oven your biggest poultry.

Reference : terbrxl9
Larger size brick of 5 liters anthracite ceramic volume Charcoal Emile Henry.
This large roasting dish with lid allows to cook poultry and turkeys up to 4 or even 5 kg with their accompaniment of potatoes and vegetables in the oven.
The cooking is done without dirtying the oven thanks to the lid, without adding water or juice thanks to the ceramic that keeps poultry soft and without particular supervision, even for long cooking. For example, a stuffed turkey weighing 4 kg will cook for 4 hours without supervision and will roast perfectly, will be cooked to heart and will keep an incomparable tenderness.  

The particularly studied form of this brick-to-roast grade matches that of poultry as close as possible in order to achieve a homogeneous cooking.
This casserole is large enough to accommodate the garnish of potatoes and other vegetables that accompany your meat.
The striated bottom allows a good circulation of cooking juices and a good distribution of heat and steam, all around the piece of meat or poultry.  

The roasting brick requires no intervention during cooking and its natural elegance does not detract if you present it directly at the table.
Last advantage of enamelled ceramic manufacturing, it is easy to clean and does not imbibe odor of one time on the other like some unglazed dishes.  

Made in France high resistance ceramic compatible oven, microwave and dishwasher, with temperatures ranging from -20 to + 270 ° C.
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Guarantee: 120 months
Main material ceramic
Colour anthracite Fusain
Capacity (litres) 5
Fabriqué en France
Length 40 cm
Width 27 cm
Height 21 cm
Net weight 4 kg

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