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Smooth Stone Pizza 37 cm anthracite Charcoal Emile Henry

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Pizza Stone smooth 37 cm in diameter, anthracite color Charcoal Emile Henry. For pizzas and bread.

Reference : terpil39
Pizza Stone smooth 37 cm anthracite ceramic Charcoal Emile Henry.
Smooth Pizza Stone is an innovative refractory ceramic cooktop.  

It allows you to make delicious homemade pizzas with golden and crispy dough. It can also be used to cook your bread.  

You get a result similar to cooking in a traditional oven.
Its smooth surface makes it possible to work the dough and build the pizza and the bread directly on it.
It only remains to bake everything! And the result at the end of the oven is a nice crispy dough.  

Its two wide handles make it easy to handle Pizza Stone from the oven to the table.
Conveniently, she will keep the pizza hot for the duration of the meal and you can cut it out of the ceramic.  

All Emile Henry products are made in France and guaranteed for 10 years.
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Guarantee: 120 months
Main material ceramic
Colour anthracite Fusain
Fabriqué en France
Diameter 37 cm
Net weight 2,6 kg

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