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EXCLUDED large loaf pan red ceramic Emile henry Grand Cru

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Exclusive Tom Press - Emile Henry. Large Grand Cru red bastard baking pan, for making large breads, cereal breads ...

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Bastard type bun with lid, to make 500 g bread. about.
Bread mold with lid in red ceramic Grand Cru Emile Henry.  

Exclusively for Tom Press, Emile Henry produces a large bread pan that makes French breads of large size.
These breads have different names according to the habits and regions (Parisian bread, flute, bastard bread, half-loaf ...). It is also possible to make large molded breads.
The inner dimensions allow to make a bread of 30 cm long and 9-10 cm wide.
You can then choose the type of bread you will make according to the quantity of flour used.
With 350 to 500 g. flour, it will be a typical bastard bread with a height of 6 to 8 cm. If you use more than 500 g. of flour (up to 700 g.), you will have rather a large molded bread. In the latter case, it is advisable to cook a little less strong and longer your bread to have a homogeneous baking of the dough, to the heart of the crumb.  

Do not miss the baking of your bread!
This mold is in two parts, the bottom that serves as a mold itself and the lid of the mold.
The first part is enamelled and includes streaks in the bottom so that the bread is cooked correctly and does not stick during cooking. Handles are present on the side to easily handle the mold.
The lid is enameled on the outside, for an impeccable presentation. The interior is not enamelled. This will store the steam in the ceramic lid and return it throughout the cooking so as not to dry the bread and keep a soft crumb. At the end of cooking or when the oven is off, you can remove the lid to finish cooking with a crisp crust. The lid of the bread pan is like the bottom of the side handles.  

The two parts fit into each other to facilitate storage.
This bread pan is dishwasher safe without alteration.  

Made in france.
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Guarantee: 120 months
Main material ceramic
Colour Burgundy red
Capacity (kg) 0,35 - 0,7 de farine
Fabriqué en France
Length 39 cm
Width 16,5 cm
Height 14,5 cm (11 cm rangé)
Net weight 2,96 kg

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