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Starter kit for making cold meat

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Full starter kit for making charcuterie meats. Manual n°8 grinder with 3 plates, funnels for casing sausages, a steak press and 6 authentic and easy to make Tom Press recipes.

Reference : hamksauc
Full manual grinder kit for making your own sausages and pâtés.
The set gives you the opportunity to mince the meat, case the meat and make burgers.

This charcuterie starter kit includes:
- 1 manual meat grinder n°8 Reber delivered assembled with 1 knife and 1 plate measuring 4.5 mm.
- 2 additional plates measuring 6 and 12 mm for mincing meat for pâtés and sausages.
- 2 funnels for casing sausages and dried sausages, along with merguez, chipolatas...
- 1 minced steak press for making your own burgers with whatever meat you want.
- 1 charcuterie recipe sheet with 6 original recipes, chosen for their taste and their simplicity.

The recipes were shared by specialists in cooking and Tom Press advisers. These are all recipes that they know and use regularly.
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