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Wheat flour T45 pastry and Viennoiserie sustainable agriculture

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Flour force type 45 Label Rouge for brioches, pastries and pastries. From wheat grown in sustainable agriculture in the Tarn.

Reference : petfam45
Flour wheat type 45 Label Rouge for pastry and pastries.
Made from wheat grown in sustainable agriculture, this T45 flour is particularly suitable for pastry and pastry for:
- leavened pasta (pasta with baker's yeast or leaven), such as babas, donuts, brioches, kouglofs, savarins and pies.
- puff pastry for slippers, crusts, fondues, patties, mille-feuilles, palm trees, pithiviers, rissoles, pies, pies, vol-au-vent ...
- puff pastry for pastries such as croissants and chocolatines (chocolate breads).  

It is produced in sustainable agriculture CRC (Controlled Reasoned Cultivation). This official label brings many guarantees:
- the crops are at least 250 m. from all sources of pollution.
- no chemical treatment is allowed, the wheat is preserved naturally, without additives.
- cereals and flour are produced, stored and processed in France, in the Tarn.
- The manure of wheat crops is not made with sewage sludge.
- the water points of the farms that grow this wheat are protected.
- hedgerows and flowering fallow land are developed to house pollinating insects and provide them with habitat and resources to live and thrive.
- farmers are aware of the protection of the environment, protected species and promote Biodiversity.
- for treatments and fertilization of crops, only certain products are used as a last resort and are subject to rigorous selection.
- the seeds are selected according to the earth.  

This wheat flour is milled mechanically by Maury mills in the Tarn, without chemical treatments or additives for its conservation.  

Naturally contains gluten.
Package of 1 kg
The only flour T45 Label Rouge.
Wheat grown and ground in France in the Tarn.
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Fabriqué en France
Net weight 1 kg

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